Gailind’s Diary is the first installment of the OEditions Fantasy audiobooks, released in 2015 by In-Studio Interactive. Written and directed by Onan c. Bridgewater, this action packed, drama filled title paves the way for a more immersive audiobook.

High school senior Gailind Turner is hurled into a magical adventure filled with swords, spell casting and enchanting creatures. After discovering the secret of a mysterious diary he is teleported to Cebia, Isles of the Zemi. Gailind and four unlikely heroes must now explore Cebia, uncovering unknown talents and seeking legendary weapons as they struggle to liberate the land from its ‘god-like’ oppressors. 

As if bad grades, bullies and the sting of high school romance wasn’t enough - Gailind finds himself with an even darker burden; etched in the sword ‘Ryel, The Ember of Citica’.

Unlike most audiobooks OEditions are sold in ’30-60 minute’ chapters and also offers tons of downloadable extras that extend existing scenes or reveal other branching storylines. Note however that some extras are restricted to persons over 16, due to
material that may be inappropriate for children.

In-Studio Interactive hopes to branch out into more genres in the near future, adding romantic comedy, thriller and sci-fi to its list.