About OEditions:

Three years ago the artistic team at In-studio Logic decided to tell a story in a very unique way. Piloted by the innovation of Creative Director and CEO Mr. Onan c. Bridgewater we developed many concepts of achieving this goal. A few months later we started building a mobile HTML5 web app to convey the ‘story’ as a digital novel with sound effects, animated cut scenes and epic music scores. Needless to say, the project at this stage didn’t go too far - there were questions about the right venue for a ‘novel app’ and the correct business logic to build and maintain our fan base. 

The project came to a grinding halt as we brainstormed for months trying to overcome the obstacles before us. Eventually we came to a collective decision to put off the project, at least until we had some fresh ideas to throw at it.

About a year later we revisited the venture with one question in mind - “What is the most important thing about the project?” The answer was simple - “To tell a great story and tell it more immersive than a movie and more dramatic than reading a novel”.

Regaining our focus on “what was important to us”, we realized that we had the answer all along but was too occupied in trying to display our animation and coding skill sets.

Every one of us loved audiobooks and had the usual ‘cringe worthy’ complaints about a male narrator, voicing a female role and vice versa. So we set out to solve some of the obvious problems in audiobooks by incorporating cinematic scene building elements. 

Finally we were on to something and this was the birth of OEditions as we know it.